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Announcing: Clovis Oncology Grant Management System Temporarily Closing for the close of year and Holidays. Deadline to Submit Winter Grant Applications is Nov 30, 2019. The review and acceptance of grants will resume Jan 8, 2020.

Grant Management SystemThe Medical Education Department will be temporarily closing the grant portal from December 1, 2019 through January 8, 2020.
What you need to knowMedical education grant submissions to Clovis Oncology will be suspended from December 1, 2019 to January 8, 2020. During this time, we will be unable to accept any NEW grant applications for activities scheduled through February 2020.
Transition TimelineTo prepare for the closing of our grant management system, there are several key dates to take note of:

Nov 30, 2019LAST DAY - for grant requester to build a new profile and/or submit a grant request to Clovis Oncology
Dec 5, 2019TEMP GRANTS - All grants created in the system that has been SAVED but not yet SUBMITTED (Grant IDs that begin with TEMP) will no longer be accessible/viewed until 1/8/20
Dec 18, 2019LAST DAY - To access the Grant Management website to query the status of any grant submitted prior to December 1, 2019 or complete a grant reconciliation.
Jan 8, 2020Grant management system will be available to all users.

FYI, the deadline for the grant submission is Nov 30, 2019. The Clovis Oncology Grant Management System will be temporarily disabled from December 1, 2019 through January 8, 2020.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions, please contact the Clovis Oncology Medical Education Department Thank you for your patience during the temporary closing of our grant management system.

Independent Medical Education Grants

Clovis Oncology provides Independent Medical Education (IME) grants that are intended to further the advance of medicine and healthcare and foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical or healthcare issues that contribute to the improvement of patient care in disease states in which we focus.

Charitable Donations

Clovis Oncology provides funding to support research, patient education, public education and other charitable events to improve the lives of patients, further research and education, and strengthen the communities in which we live.

For requests related to advocacy sponsorships and donations, or medical meeting sponsorships, please .